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Oh. Yes, Please.

1: Picture of yourself

2: Are you a monogamous person or do you believe in open-ended relationships?

3: Have you ever been dumped?

4: What do you most like about making out?

5: Have you ever casually made out with someone who you weren’t seriously involved with?

6: When you kiss someone for the first time, is it usually you who initiates it or the other?

7: What part of a person’s body do you find most attractive?

8: Who was the last person you talked to last night before you went to bed?

9: Had sex with someone you knew less than an hour?

10: Had sex with someone you didn’t know their name?

11: What makes your heart flutter and brings a big cheesy smile to your face?

12: Would you get involved with someone if they had a child already?

13: Has someone who had a crush on you ever confessed to you?

14: Do you tell a lot of people when you have a crush?

15: Do you miss your last sweetie?

16: Last time you slow danced with someone?

17: Have you ever ‘dated’ someone you’ve never met?

18: How can I win your heart?

19: What is your astrological sign?

20: What were you doing last night at 12 AM?

21: Do you cook?

22: Have you ever gotten back in touch with an old flame after a time of more than 3 months of no communication?

23: If you’re single right now, do you wish you were in a relationship?

24: Do you prefer to date various people or do you pretty much fall into monogamous relationships quickly?

25: What physical traits do you look for in a potential interest?

26: Name four things that you wish you had:

27: Are you a player?

28: Have you ever kissed 2 people in one day?

29: Are you a tease?

30: Ever meet anyone you met on Tumblr?

31: Have you ever been deeply in love with someone?

32: Anybody on Tumblr that you’d go on a date with?

33: Hugs or Kisses?

34: Are you too shy to ask someone out?

35: The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?

36: Is it cute when a boy/girl calls you babe?

37: . If a sexy person was pursuing you, but you knew he/she was in relationship, would you go for it?

38: Do you flirt a lot?

39: Your last kiss?

40: Have you kissed more than 5 people since the start of 2011?

41: Have you kissed anyone in the past month?

42: If you could kiss anyone who would it be?

43: Do you know who you’ll kiss next?

44: Does someone like you currently?

45: Do you currently have feelings for anyone?

46: Do you like to be in serious relationships or just flings?

47: Ever made out with just a friend?

48: Are you happier single or in a relationship?

49: Your own question that you want me to answer. Just write it.




Macabre statues to keep me company outside my new office.

Congratulations on the job. I didn’t know Hell was even hiring.





Macabre statues to keep me company outside my new office.

Congratulations on the job. I didn’t know Hell was even hiring.



Hidden Mother

"Trying to get a baby or a fussy toddler to sit still for a photograph can feel like a herculean task. Luckily, it only takes a second to get the shot. In the nineteenth century, however, it was a different storyparticularly when it came to tintype portraits, which required a long exposure. 

Photographer Laura Larson’s series, Hidden Mother, presents a survey of nineteenth-century tintype portraits in which the mother of the child was included in the photograph, but obscured. 

In some instances, the mother would hold her child, with a cloth or props hiding her from the lens, or she would be painted over by the photographer after the image had been taken. In other examples, the mother is entirely absent from the frame, save for an arm, holding the child in place. 

The results are both funny and slightly disturbing. The mother appears as an uncanny presence, Larson writes in a statement. Often, she is swathed in fabric, like a ghost.”  











people get so caught up on one small thing they don’t like, like their nose or something

things like salt and baking powder go into a cake and those things are gross alone but the cake is pretty damn delicious

this is the best fucking thing I’ve ever read



did you know that the main reason we have a school lunch program is that in 1946 kids were too underfed to qualify for military service bc i just found that out and am horrified

nobody cares about children’s well being without an ulterior motive

“Conservatives want live babies so they can train them to be dead soldiers.” - George Carlin





This time last year I was unemployed, broke, and suicidal.

Today, I just got the keys to my first house.

Give it time.

Needed this today

when you hear people preach that it gets better, they aren’t joking. if it’s not better yet, it will be. 

this post could literally be saving lives rn and that is why i love this website.




Tony Porter: A Call To Men
"Tony is the original visionary and co-founder behind A CALL TO MEN: The National Association of Men and Women Committed to Ending Violence Against Women. He is the author of "Well Meaning Men...Breaking Out of the Man Box - Ending Violence Against Women" and the visionary for the book, NFL Dads Dedicated to Daughters.

Tony's message of accountability is welcome and supported by many grassroots and established organizations. He’s currently working with numerous domestic and sexual violence programs, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, colleges and universities around the country. He has worked with the United States Military Academy at West Point and the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis.

Tony is an international lecturer for the U.S. State Department having worked in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, United Kingdom and Brazil. In addition, he has been a guest presenter for the United Nations' Commission on the Status of Women and has been a script consultant for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit." - (x)

THIS is what a men’s rights activist should be.